Galactic Dynamics is the study of the formation, history, and evolution of galaxies using the orbits of objects — numerically-integrated trajectories of stars, dark matter particles, star clusters, or galaxies themselves.

gala is an Astropy-affiliated Python package that aims to provide efficient tools for performing common tasks needed in Galactic Dynamics research. Much of this code uses Python for flexible, user-friendly interfaces that interact with wrappers around low-level code (primarily C) to enable fast computations. Common operations include gravitational potential and force evaluations, orbit integrations, dynamical coordinate transformations, and computing chaos indicators for nonlinear dynamics. gala heavily uses the units and astronomical coordinate systems defined in the Astropy core package (astropy.units and astropy.coordinates).

This package is being actively developed in a public repository on GitHub, and we are always looking for new contributors! No contribution is too small, so if you have any trouble with this code, find a typo, or have requests for new content (tutorials or features), please open an issue on GitHub.


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Main author: Adrian Price-Whelan (@adrn)

All contributors (alphabetical last name):

  • Dan Foreman-Mackey

  • Nico Garavito-Camargo

  • Johnny Greco

  • Akeem Hart

  • Sergey Koposov

  • Daniel Lenz

  • Sophia Lilleengen

  • Pey Lian Lim

  • Syrtis Major

  • Semyeong Oh

  • Brigitta Sipőcz

  • Harrison Souchereau

  • Nathaniel Starkman

  • Tom Wagg

Citation and Attribution#


Here is a list of papers that use Gala

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