With conda

To install the latest stable version with conda, use the conda-forge channel with:

conda install -c conda-forge gala

From Source: Cloning, Building, Installing

The latest development version of gala can be cloned from GitHub using git:

git clone git://

To build and install the project (from the root of the source tree, e.g., inside the cloned gala directory):

python -m pip install .

Installing on Windows

We have successfully installed Gala on Windows within an Anaconda installation, which installs and uses GCC to compile C code. Unfortunately, Gala will not work with Microsoft Visual Studio’s C compiler because it is not C99 compliant. With Anaconda, you can install gsl (see below) and then install Gala with pip:

pip install gala

GSL support

Some functionality in Gala depends on the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), a C library for numerical and mathematical programming. By default, Gala will determine whether to install with or without GSL support depending on whether it can find a GSL installation on your machine. If you are not sure whether you have GSL installed or not, try running:

gsl-config --version

in your terminal. If that returns a version number, you likely have GSL installed. If it errors, you will need to install it. Additionally, if your version of GSL is <1.14, we recommend updating to a newer version, as Gala has only been tested with GSL >= 1.14.

Installing with conda

If you use a Mac computer, we recommend installing GSL using the anaconda Python package manager. Using conda, you can install GSL with:

conda install -c conda-forge gsl

Installing with apt

If you use Linux, you can install GSL with anaconda (see directions above), or with apt. To install with apt, make sure to install both gsl-bin and libgsl0-dev:

apt-get install gsl-bin libgsl0-dev

Forcing gala to install without GSL support

You can force Gala to build without GSL support using the --nogsl flag passed to To use this flag, you must install Gala from source by cloning the repository (see above) and running:

python -m pip install gala --install-option="--nogsl"

Python Dependencies

This packages has the following dependencies:

Explicit version requirements are specified in the project setup.cfg. pip and conda should install and enforce these versions automatically.