With conda#

To install the latest stable version with conda, use the conda-forge channel with:

conda install -c conda-forge gala

From Source: Cloning, Building, Installing#

The latest development version of gala can be cloned from GitHub using git:

git clone git://

To build and install the project (from the root of the source tree, e.g., inside the cloned gala directory):

python -m pip install .

Installing on Windows#

We have successfully installed Gala on Windows within an Anaconda installation, which installs and uses GCC to compile C code. Unfortunately, Gala will not work with Microsoft Visual Studio’s C compiler because it is not C99 compliant. With Anaconda, you can install gsl (see below) and then install Gala with pip:

pip install gala

GSL support#

Some functionality in Gala depends on the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), a C library for numerical and mathematical programming. By default, Gala will determine whether to install with or without GSL support depending on whether it can find a GSL installation on your machine. If you are not sure whether you have GSL installed or not, try running:

gsl-config --version

in your terminal. If that returns a version number, you likely have GSL installed. If it errors, you will need to install it. Additionally, if your version of GSL is <1.14, we recommend updating to a newer version, as Gala has only been tested with GSL >= 1.14.

Installing with conda#

If you use a Mac computer, we recommend installing GSL using the anaconda Python package manager. Using conda, you can install GSL with:

conda install -c conda-forge gsl

Installing with apt#

If you use Linux, you can install GSL with anaconda (see directions above), or with apt. To install with apt, make sure to install both gsl-bin and libgsl0-dev:

apt-get install gsl-bin libgsl0-dev

Forcing gala to install without GSL support#

You can force Gala to build without GSL support using the --nogsl flag passed to To use this flag, you must install Gala from source by cloning the repository (see above) and running:

python -m pip install gala --install-option="--nogsl"

Python Dependencies#

This packages has the following dependencies:

Explicit version requirements are specified in the project setup.cfg. pip and conda should install and enforce these versions automatically.