gala.dynamics.plot_projections(x, relative_to=None, autolim=True, axes=None, subplots_kwargs=None, labels=None, plot_function=None, **kwargs)[source]

Given N-dimensional quantity, x, make a figure containing 2D projections of all combinations of the axes.


Array of values. axis=0 is assumed to be the dimensionality, axis=1 is the time axis. See Array shapes for more information.

relative_tobool (optional)

Plot the values relative to this value or values.

autolimbool (optional)

Automatically set the plot limits to be something sensible.

axesarray_like (optional)

Array of matplotlib Axes objects.

subplots_kwargsdict (optional)

Dictionary of kwargs passed to subplots().

labelsiterable (optional)

List or iterable of axis labels as strings. They should correspond to the dimensions of the input orbit.

plot_functioncallable() (optional)

The matplotlib plot function to use. By default, this is scatter(), but can also be, e.g., plot().


All other keyword arguments are passed to the plot_function. You can pass in any of the usual style kwargs like color=..., marker=..., etc.